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As it stands, Maschine is a great tool for beatmaking, but as we all know, it's not a DAW. I want to solve this problem - by making good use of the MIDI Controller Mode.

This package will turn your Maschine Studio's MIDI mode from a $1000 doorstop to a powerful controller for Studio One 3.

As of now, consider this template to be in public beta. It's pay-what-you-want. However, it's a powerful, feature packed thing that took a long time to build, so I'd really appreciate it if you treated me for a lunch or something.

Notice that this is ONLY for the Maschine Studio hardware. Not the Mikro or Mk2.


• 8 channel mixer with visual feedback on the displays

• Add and control your inserts directly from the hardware

• Easily assign and un-assign MIDI-learned elements with the press of a button

• Advanced navigation features. Never again use your mouse to scroll, zoom or switch tracks

• Control your piano roll with a powerful editing toolset. Create and edit melodies from the hardware

• Total control of the playhead and loop. Never click on the timeline again to move around your song

• Transport controls

• Seven octaves of playable pads

• Open and close browser, piano roll, mixer, scratch pad and inspector from the hardware

• Togglable Touch-Select mode. Want to select a track from the mixer? Touch the corresponding knob and there you go

• Control the step record feature from the hardware. Change note length, add rests and whatever

• 21 MIDI CC assignable knobs, and 8 assignable buttons


• Studio One Device files

• Studio One macros

• NI Controller Editor Template

• Readme containing installation instructions, as well as a reference sheet for the mappings.

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A well documented, feature packed template for Maschine Studio.

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Manick Studio

6 ratings
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